Hydration and Diet Drinks

Good health includes regular physical activity, which is a very important part of weight loss and maintenance. Folks with active lifestyles especially need proper fluid intake which is necessary for good health. Water as a hydration source alone can provide the needed requirements. But, scientific studies show that individuals drink significantly more liquid when it is flavored. The National Academy of Sciences hydration guidelines show that women require an average of 9 cups of fluid a day and men need an average of 13 cups a day. Hydration is important for such life processes as body temperature regulation, transporting nutrients and oxygen, and cushioning joints and organs.

Since hydration is important, it is necessary for everyone to consider the right choices to stay hydrated. Whatever activity level, it is important to maintain proper hydration so that you can perform at optimum levels. Studies even show that elementary school children will be more successful academically when they are properly hydrated.

Hydration is more effected during exercise due to perspiration. Perspiration is meant to cool the body down. However, it is more effective at cooling when the sweat stays on the skin. The sweat that drips off the body or is wicked away by clothing does little to produce a cooling effect. This is especially prevalent during exercising.

Many people have postulated that caffeinated drinks will not cool down athletes and are also not good for hydration. However, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences says that all beverages, even those containing caffeine, do contribute to the total daily hydration. Therefore, if a person will drink more of a flavored diet soft drink, it is important that they are able to do so to achieve proper hydration.

The American College of Sports Medicine says that people exercising or working may not focus on paying attention to their body’s needs. They may not realize they are thirsty. It is important whatever the case to maintain hydration to stay healthy. Diet drinks can be an important part of this process.